Most families find themselves unprepared to deal with the problems, decisions, and costs a death can bring. The decision to plan your memorial property in advance will give you peace of mind and have a positive economic impact on your family.

The Rosson Company brings more than 40 years experience to every prearrangement. That means you can feel confident when you call us to purchase property your wishes will be fulfilled. It is comforting to know where you'll be buried ... and to decide now how much you want to spend on your interment property.

If you are not familiar with a cemetery broker - and specifically the ROSSON COMPANY - there are two distinct advantages we can provide.

One is we can offer you CHOICE LOCATIONS in areas no longer available through the cemetery. We do NOT sell cemetery inventory, but represent owners who want to resell their property. Often times they have moved from the Los Angeles area and want to sell.

Another is LOWER PRICES. Because we are selling resales for individuals we can offer properties that were purchased many years ago when prices were much lower.

There are several additional benefits of preplanning besides the satisfaction of being prepared. They are:

... TOGETHERNESS - A husband and wife can decide together saving the surviving spouse the heartache, expense and indecision at the time of need;

... SATISFACTION - Your family members will know that you selected the location and it was your decision;

... LOWER PRICES - You have the benefit of purchasing at today's prices. We know, based on past history, that prices will continue to increase;

... PAYMENTS - You will arrange terms to meet your budget. Remember payment for cemetery property at the time of need is on a cash basis;

... PEACE OF MIND - Your survivors won't have to make this difficult decision at a time of sorrow.
Please know we have qualified professionals licensed by the State of California who will be glad to give you all the information you need. Information that will help you make an intelligent decision; information that will help you make the purchase that's right for you and your family.
We will meet with you at the cemetery at your convenience. Please call us to arrange an appointment.