Do you charge a fee to list?
NO. There is no fee to list your property. We do not charge advertising or documentation fees. YOUR LISTING IS FREE.

How much will I receive for my property?
Each cemetery has a different price structure. And each location within the cemetery has a different price. The best way we can appraise your resale is to know your location. We will need the exact description as appears on your title.

Is there a commission charge?
NO. We do not charge a commission. We find the best way to list property is to establish a NET price with you. We will then add selling fees, title fees and administrative fees to your NET price.

When do we receive our money?
You are paid when we sell your property.

How long will it take to sell?
We can not predict when a property will sell. We have sold listing within a day or two ... or it could take months to a year. The location of the property and the listing price is often the determining factor.

Do I have to sign forms to sell?
YES. Most of our sales are for immediate need and the cemetery will require the owners authorization when we sell your property.
We will need the owners of record to furnish us with a special power of attorney or an interment authorization when we list your property. We will prepare the listing document (at no charge to you) and mail forms to you.

How long is the listing agreement?
Some listing are on a one year exclusive period. However most of our listings are open as to time. If you want to set a specific period of time on your listing that is acceptable with us.

Can I cancel my listing?
YES. However, when you list with us we consider your listing exclusive with our company. If you decide to cancel we do require a 30 day written notice. If we have contracted a sale on your property, even though the sale has not yet been completed, we will deem your property sold and it can not be canceled.

Where do you find buyers?
We are recommended to families through many local mortuaries. And over the years have served hundreds of families that remember the service we provided them and call us again for immediate need and before need situations. We also advertise in the area newspapers.

I still have some more questions ...
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be pleased to answer your questions.